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Transportation in Kishanganj

Kishanganj is the  eastern most district of Bihar, Although, the internal transportation structure is not very well developed, but there are public transportation facilities available which makes it easy for people to travel within the district.In addition to this, the district it connects with  railways of celebrated cities of Bihar, which makes it a easy to reach place among travelers. It also links to major cities of west bengal through road and railways.

Road Network in Kishanganj

The city of profoundly connects through road network with almost all major cities of Bihar. It provides bus services on daily basis to make it convenient for travelers to reach as well as travel through most of the district of Bihar. You can also hire taxis, cars and other vehicles.

बस पड़ाव
Regular bus service on daily basis is obtainable from Kishanganj. The region of Kishanganj is also closely located near the boundaries of Nepal and Bangladesh.

Railway Network in Kishanganj

Kishanganj railway station is one of the connecting junction of north eastern part of India to other part of India. Besides Kishanganj junction, there are other well-connected railway stations also which can make you reach to Kishanganj without meeting any trouble. There are numerous trains, which operate between Kishanganj and major cities.Some of the major trains are Garib Nawaz Express which operate from Kishanganj to Ajmer.

किशनगंज रेलवे

Air Connectivity in Kishanganj

The district of Kishanganj does not possess any domestic airport of its own. But, there is an important Airport Bagdogra near Kishanganj which comes under West Bengal state.The contact and booking details for these airports is easily available online. So, if you want to travel comfortably to Kishanganj or from Kishanganj  then this is a good option.

Internal Transportation Network in Kishanganj

The internal transport facilities of depend largely on local mini-buses, tempos and shared autos. There is rickshaw service also available in the district, which is the cheapest and simplest mode of traveling within the district boundaries.There is also E-rickshaw service available at major location of the city. The service of shared autos is more common and accessible to travel to popular and commuting blocks within the district. So, if you want to reach from one block of  to other then the option of shared auto is best.There is also tempo service available, which you can hire at an affordable price.